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Listening Post / Listening Post - Yemen news coverage

Media coverage of Yemen and terrorism, Media in China and India, Irish Atheists challenging Blasphemy Law, Macau ten years since the handover of Macau to China.

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Listening Post - Citizen journalism - 01 August 08 Part 1

This week, we have put together a special broadcast focusing on what's possibly one of the most debated news trends and one of the most well-known, citizen journalism. Critics call it journalism on the cheap, unskilled hacks putting out stories that are heavy on opinion and light on fact. According to those championing amateur reporters, it is a way to keep mainstream media honest and in some cases, it's just about the only way to get a story out.

Listening Post- Military and media special-10 Aug 08 -Part 2

I believe that the programme has missed a key part of citizen journalism, the fact that they provide analysis of media stories, and tease out the bias that mainstream media in the USA for instance, have shown. The traditional media in the USA, I find, often distorts events rather widely and tries very hard to fit events into a narrative. Check for instance the Hillary Clinton video, which was distorted in order to make her sound as if she was hell-bent on disrupting the convention, when she...wasn't. I also find that there are certain news stories that I know about sometimes two days before they hit national television. That Hillary Clinton and Bosnia thing? I knew about it in the morning. Hell I helped spread the word on the youtube that was assembled drawing attention to the gaffe. Even though traditional media footage was where the info was from, the news media picked up the story in the afternoon. Via concerted DIGGing. The US Attorney Scandals BROKE on www.TalkingPointsMemo.com . After it was amplified by the Netroots? THAT was when the mainstream media deigned to pay attention. Also, well-done blogs can flash out a story more by providing many links to amplify the knowledge that they are imparting. And I can get way better analysis from my fave bloggers than is available on 98% of US news talkshows. Hell, the fact that we actually have to have Media Matters which basically exist to correct misinfo in the media, is proof that traditional journalism has got issues. Otherwise, this si a pretty cool documentary.
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Africa Uncovered - Right and Wrong - 5 Aug 08 - Part 1

With elections in South Africa less than a year away, far right extremists such as Eugene Terre'blanche are holding political rallies once again. Is there a danger of them shattering the image of the Rainbow Nation?

Africa Uncovered- Right and Wrong - 5 Aug 08 - Part 2

Listening Post- Military and media special-10 Aug 08 -Part 1

Listening Post reports on how the media may be encouraging young people to go to war.

Listening Post- Military and media special-10 Aug 08 -Part 2


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