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Apparently Ben "Let me get all up in your uterus!!!" Nelson and Joe "Let's fuck up Healthcare!!! Lieberman were sitting together at the SOTU. Josh Marshall was not impressed and pronounced them the axis of weasels.

So. Look at ontd_politicals Viking Celebration Post. Then consider the Viking Kittens. The contrast will make you cry with laughter.
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Going after ACORN may be like shooting fish in a barrel lately -- but jumpy lawmakers used a bazooka to do it last week and may have blown up some of their longtime allies in the process.

The congressional legislation intended to defund ACORN, passed with broad bipartisan support, is written so broadly that it applies to "any organization" that has been charged with breaking federal or state election laws, lobbying disclosure laws, campaign finance laws or filing fraudulent paperwork with any federal or state agency. It also applies to any of the employees, contractors or other folks affiliated with a group charged with any of those things.

In other words, the bill could plausibly defund the entire military-industrial complex. Whoops.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) picked up on the legislative overreach and asked the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) to sift through its database to find which contractors might be caught in the ACORN net.
Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gumman both popped up quickly, with 20 fraud cases between them, and the longer list is a Who's Who of weapons manufacturers and defense contractors.

The language was written by the GOP and filed as a "motion to recommit" in the House, where it passed 345-75.
POGO is reaching out to its members to identify other companies who have engaged in the type of misconduct that would make them ineligible for federal funds.
Grayson then intends to file that list in the legislative history that goes along with the bill so that judges can reference it when determining whether a company should be denied federal funds.

Political Animal underlines the obvious:

The next question, of course, is why ACORN's problems with voter-registration materials are extremely important, while Lockheed Martin's and Northrop Gumman's bad habits are not only considered uninteresting -- to conservatives, to lawmakers, to news outlets -- but largely verboten as a topic of conversation.

*in the meantime, goes to bed howling with laughter*
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March 4, 2009 CNBC gives financial advice

March 9, 2009In Cramer we trust

Jon Stewart on Dave Letterman

March 10, 2009Basic cable personality clash

Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Part 1

Jim Cramer Part Two

Jim Cramer Part Three

Stock Market Manipulation - Jim Cramer

Battle of the Network Stars: Street.com CEO Quits; MSNBC Told to Downplay Stewart - Cramer Interview
Thomas Clarke, who has been CEO of financial news website The Street has announced his departure “effective immediately.”

Clarke’s abrupt departure comes less than a day after The Daily Show aired tape of The Street’s co-founder, Jim Cramer, explaining in a Street.com webcast how he, as a hedge fund manager, manipulated value to serve some publicly traded companies and investors at the expense of others.

If you have just crawled out from under a rock, Cramer was a guest on Jon Stewart’s show last night, and the general consensus is Stewart took Cramer, CNBC, and financial “journalism,” in general, to the cleaners.

Or, maybe you haven’t just crawled out from under a rock—maybe you have only been getting your news from MSNBC. The 24-hour news channel—and CNBC partner—was reportedly told by its corporate bosses that this was, you know, not of interest to its viewers:

A TVNewser tipster tells us MSNBC producers were asked not to incorporate the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart interview into their shows today. In fact, the only time it came up on MSNBC was during the White House briefing, when a member of the press corps asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if Pres. Obama watched. Gibbs wasn't sure if the president had, but Gibbs did. "I enjoyed it thoroughly," the Press Secretary said.

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Sullivan kills me dead with this entry

"Anonymous liberal commentators, the rabid pests of the new media, sought out the most popular conservative blogs to flood the zone with familiar Rush Limbaugh slanders. Their goal: To demoralize the right with layer upon layer of media domination. Only talk radio with its emphasis on Socratic debate over raw emotionalism and with Mr. Limbaugh in the driver’s seat has escaped the left’s clutches of pure media dominance," - Andrew Breitbart, who appears to have lost his mind.

Considers Mr. Limbaugh's latest examples of um ... Socratic debate* *Collapses on floor screaming with laughter*
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Russell Peters

via: Black Critic
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Zbig to Joe: "You have a such stunningly superficial knowledge of what went on it's almost embarrassing to listen to you."

I bet Joe Scarborough NEVER invites Dr. Zbig on his show again.
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Sent my main computer to be cleaned of what I thought was a virus. Turns out there was something wrong with the Windows XP installation itself, something about it being trapped in a loop. The computer had to be...wiped. completely. clean. That was about 3000 songs from Itunes. Luckily some of them were backed up on CDs. But the latest weren't, because there was a problem with the cd case, and it gave too much trouble to open. So we sort of ignored the backing up. Countless stuff that was saved including some very overdue stuff. (sorry [livejournal.com profile] ktempest). Oh yeah. And mi amigo lost all of her vidding stuff, all of her music files, and piles of stuff that took her literally years to put together. Um. All because one, we actually weren't sure what the hell hard drives were, initially, and 2. we kept putting it off in favour of some other less expensive, more urgent stuff. Ah, the perils of ignorance and procrastination...

Ah well. Have a look at the Christmas story retold in I've just discovered my wife has been unfaithful. and Slient Fucking Night
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iraqi journalist throws his shoes at Bush. calls him a dog.
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Some weeks, the chortling never ends. Driving home from kindergarten drop-off this morning, one of NPR's "sponsors" was the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system, which purportedly screens employees to make sure they are legal, and got rolled out to much fanfare earlier by Michael Chertoff:
“The federal government should lead by example and not by exhortation,” said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who has encouraged firms to use E-Verify.
Well. . . oooopsie. Looks like stigmatizing people to score politically advantageous points with the paranoid can come back to bite you in your own grandiosely inflated ego ass. Or, at least, bite your cleaning contractor:
Every few weeks for nearly four years, the Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the nation's top immigration official.
The company's owner says the workers sailed through the checks -- although some of them turned out to be illegal immigrants. . . .
"Our people need to know," said the Montgomery County businessman. "Our Homeland Security can't police their own home. How can they police our borders?"
Chertoff's leading by example, alright. See how tough it is to sort all of this out, how complex issues of immigration, economy and neener-neener blame-gaming are? Oh, how quickly a demagogue can get hoisted on his own smug, self-serving, loathsome petard.
Heckuva job in proving that stigma-mongering doesn't solve the problems, Mikey. Heckuva job.


Dec. 4th, 2008 02:05 am
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Oh. dear. LOL

Is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen a little paranoid?


On Wednesday, the Republican congresswoman got a call from President-elect Barack Obama, didn't believe it was him, and hung up on him. Twice.MORE
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The Subprime Kristol Meltdown

I remember back in the late '90s when Ira Katznelson, an eminent political scientist at Columbia, came to deliver a guest lecture to an economic philosophy class I was taking. It was a great lecture, made more so by the fact that the class was only about ten or twelve students and we got got ask all kinds of questions and got a lot of great, provocative answers. Anyhow, Prof. Katznelson described a lunch he had with Irving Kristol back either during the first Bush administration. The talk turned to William Kristol, then Dan Quayle's chief of staff, and how he got his start in politics. Irving recalled how he talked to his friend Harvey Mansfield at Harvard, who secured William a place there as both an undergrad and graduate student; how he talked to Pat Moynihan, then Nixon's domestic policy adviser, and got William an internship at The White House; how he talked to friends at the RNC and secured a job for William after he got his Harvard Ph.D.; and how he arranged with still more friends for William to teach at UPenn and the Kennedy School of Government. With that, Prof. Katznelson recalled, he then asked Irving what he thought of affirmative action. "I oppose it", Irving replied. "It subverts meritocracy."

Naturally. See also: Legacy Admissions.
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Rival underworld gangs [in Israel] have waged bloody battles for control of gambling and protection rackets, including one involving bottle recycling.
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This Week In Blackness #13 - Black, black, blackity black.


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