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St. Valentino strikes again.
So I was looking at offbeatbridem and they highlighted the emerging trend of short, ruffly dresses. I wasn't too impressed, but this? This is gooooodddd. Yum.

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Purple and white with beautiful purple jacket? Sign me up1 http://www.stvalentino.sk/images/produkt/ARGENTINE%201003A.jpg
ANd this red and black number is just divine.
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Meep!!! *Bites knuckles. Flails. Is incoherent with lust.*

Jasmine Bridal
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Not sure how I managed to miss this cute purple dress, but....

Red Hot Brides, of course.
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So while having a minor tantrum over being unable to link to a spectacular designer because there were no good pics, I found...this:

The image “http://www.bargello.com/images/products/women/856-l.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The image “http://www.bargello.com/images/products/women/381-l.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.bargello.com/images/products/women/742-l.jpg

Spectacular Paskistani outfits (actually made there as well) at relatively affordable prices: Bargello Bridal

Quick bit on traditional Pakistani weddings
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Now see, my lack of facility with extracting pics out of Abode Flash players annoys me. Cause this Indian designer? Rocks with a rockitude that ya'll can't even begin to comprehend by looking at just these pics. Seriously. Go to the website to get the FULL VIEW of their dresses. Karma (Click on link. look at top of loaded website, click on explore. Then click on "Karma Red.")

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By Indian designer Suneet Varma, who doesn't have a website address, which should be a chargeable offense, his designs are fucking BEAUTIFUL! However, he was profiled by Mega Wedding Magazine so they may be able to hook you up.

EDIT: Original link lost, so linking from Red Hot Brides
I suspect that they may have gotten the dresses on that page from me, LOL! Which would be great, since they popinted me in the direction of a whole LOT of stuff.
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So Red Hot Brides pointed me to this story in the New YorK Times, and, well, you didn't expect me to pass it up, did you?
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There's a reason why many Austrailian brides like local designerKaren Merkel. Go thou and feast your eyes.


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