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Listening Post / Listening Post - Yemen news coverage

Media coverage of Yemen and terrorism, Media in China and India, Irish Atheists challenging Blasphemy Law, Macau ten years since the handover of Macau to China.

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Fault Lines / Fault Lines - Rio: Olympic City

An explosion of joy on the streets of Rio greeted the announcement that the city would be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. Two weeks later, Rio saw an explosion of violence when a police helicopter was shot down by drug traffickers. The government's reaction has been to intensify the crackdown on the citys slums - or Favelas. A Human Rights Watch report in December accused Rio and Sao Paolo police of killing over 11,000 people since 2003. Many, the report claims, were executed by the police, shot at point blank range. Many were innocent. And on many occasions, the police tried to cover up the evidence.

This week, Fault Lines travels to Rio to look at the crackdown in Rio's Favelas, and what it means for the people of the city.

Apparently you can't have the Olympics without fucking over poor people.
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Conflict of Loyalty - 20 Dec 09 - Part 1

A look at the questions of loyalty and identity facing Israel's 100,000-strong Druze community.

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Artsworld / Artsworld - Liberia's Flourishing Post-War Art Scene/Peruvian Traditional Dancing/Death Row Art/South African Swenkas

Artsworld is in Liberia where the establishment of the countrys first post war art gallery is a sign of better things to come. We travel to Peru to get an insiders view of an ancient warrior dance and in Norway meet a woman whose friendship with a man on death row led to a unique collaboration. While in South Africa high fashion is turning up in unexpected places

Artsworld / Artsworld - Colombia's Body School/Sculpting in Madagascar/ Painting in Gaza/ Tightropewalker in China from the Dawaz family, famed for their 430-year history of tightrope walking, a traditional Uighur art form.

Artsworld visits Colombia to get an insider's perspective on the country's art scene. Plus we meet the sculptor trying to beautify his hometown in Madgascar, find out how artists are painting against the odds in Gaza and how one tightrope walker in China is fighting for equality.
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The Listening Post is a fascinating program on Al Jazeera English that evaluates media. I love it dearly. Here are some episodes that I think are interesting.

Listening Post-The art of obituary writing-19 June Part2

The art of Obituary writing

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Nov. 24th, 2009 10:32 pm
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It happened in Bhopal Part 1

Al Jazeera examines the devastating events of Bhopal, India in 1984, when a cloud of poisonous gas released over the city killed thousands in the world's worst industrial disaster. Al Jazeera talks to survivors about the incident and its terrible legacy for those who live there.

It happened in Bhopal - 27 Aug 07 - Part 2

New Sport

Oct. 15th, 2009 03:31 pm
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Parkour sweeps Russia - 15 Oct 09

Parkour, a sport where you jump, dive, roll and swing off rooftops, stairs, walls and anything else the urban environment has to offer, has taken off in Russia.

The activity, which began in France, is being taken very seriously by the youth in Russia, who believe it is not just a way of getting fit, but a social movement too.

Casey Kauffmann reports.
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People & Power - Italy's other religion - 14 Feb 09

The arrival of more than 1.5 million Muslims in the last four decades has made Islam Italy's second religion. People & Power investigates religious prejudice in the the predominantly Catholic country.
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People & Power - Dumping Ground - 20 May 09

People & Power examines a legal case brought against one of the worlds largest independent oil traders, alleging it illicitly dumped toxic material.

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Inside USA - The Other Hawaii - Sept 26 - Part 1

This week Avi Lewis visits the people behind the native movement for self-determination in Hawaii. Well over 200 years old the movement has recently been gaining on strength.
Archive footage courtesy of www.namaka.com.

Inside USA - The Other Hawaii - Sept 26 - Part 2

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Every Woman - Art, women, politics - 13 June 08 Part 1

The myths and truths of Reading Lolita in Tehran and a talented singer convicted of smuggling performs in a Columbian jail

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Artsworld - Ghana coffin art and Maori tatoo - 25 May 09
Artsworld returns for a new series and visits Ghana for an insiders guide to the country's arts scene.Colour pervades every facet of Ghanaian art, culture and society - even in funerals. Plus we look at how traditional tattooing has been given a modern makeover in New Zealand
Artsworld - India's art on wheels -25 May 2009
Many of the 5 million trucks that criss-cross India are not simply vital means of transport - they are increasingly works of art. Plus Artsworld discovers how one youth centre, set-up to help immigrant communitites in Belgium, has unearthed so much musical talent it has become an international sensation.
Artsworld - Guerrilla gardeners - 1 Jun 09
Artsworld meets a group of green fingered revolutionaries who are transforming these grimy urban spaces into flowering gardens. Plus the amazing story of a 10-year-old Sudanese child who was forced into a soldiers training camp but managed to run to safety in Australia,.
Artsworld - Lebanese clay animation - 1 Jun 09
Innovative Lebanese artists who use tiny clay sculptures to get across a political message. Plus, slam poetry is rhythmic performance street poetry born out of Southside Chicago Artsworld went to America to meet the guy who pioneered this form of expression.

some stuff

Jun. 11th, 2009 01:07 am
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People and Power - Chiquita: Between life and law - 10 June 09

Fined $25m by the US federal court for funding a terrorist organisation, Chiquita, the US-based banana distribution company, is now facing a number of new lawsuits.


Artsworld - Colombia's body school - 8 Jun 09 - Part 1

In this episode of Artsworld, sculpting in Madagascar, painting against the odds in Gaza, fighting for balance in China and how contemporary dance is helping to construct a culture of peace in Colombia.

Artsworld - Colombia's body school - 8 Jun 09 - Part 2
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Empire - Obama and Afghanistan - 29 Apr 09 - Part 1

Empire examines the path from Iraq to Afghanistan and into Pakistan. With the Iraq operation apparently drawing to a close and a mini-surge underway in Afghanistan, people in the region are wondering what this will all mean on the ground and what will the repercussions be for the region. As locals worry that they will be caught in the crossfire or killed by drones, experts question whether the strategy is the correct one or if it is too little, too late. Empire investigates what went wrong and the plan to fix it.

Empire - Obama and Afghanistan - 29 Apr 09 - Part 2

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We the People - Insourcing - 13 Oct 08 - Part 1

More than five million Americans now receive a pay cheque from a foreign firm. We the People travels to a former US manufacturing town to see how 'insourcing' is changing the face of one small community.

We the People - Insourcing - 13 Oct 08 - Part 2

We the People - America's Mission? - 27 Oct 08 - Part 1

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have tapped into the idea of US exceptionalism - the idea that America has a special mission and responsibility for humanity - during their presidential campaigns. It is an idea whose origins lie with the Puritan Pilgrims, America's first settlers. We the People travels to a recreation of the pilgrim's first settlement in the US to explore the impact exceptionalism is having on the presidential race.

We the People - America's Mission? - 27 Oct 08 - Part 2

The arrogance in the last two videos is breathtaking. The Pew Research Center guy is also being very disingenuous.
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Riz Khan - What do Muslims want? - 25 Feb 09 - Part 1

Survey by a US based polling organisation reveals Muslim public opinion on terrorism, US policy, al Qaeda and Islamist politics.

Riz Khan - What do Muslims want? - 25 Feb 09 - Part 2

'Arab and HIV positive' - 28 Feb 2009

People living with HIV in the Gulf region face ostracism and commonly tell of their feelings of frustration.

Al Jazeera spoke to "Hamad", an HIV positive man living in Bahrain, where he says there is still a stigma associated with the deadly disease.
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Music of Resistance-Finding dignity Portugal-2 March 09-Pt 1

Nuno Santos (aka Chullage) is a Cape Verdean living in Portugal. Like so many migrants from this small African island, he faces discrimination daily. His music tries to redress this injustice.

Music of Resistance-Finding dignity Portugal-2 March 09-Pt 2
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Does the rhetoric sound familiar?

When the World Went Bust - Episode 2 - 12 Jan 08 - Pt 1

In the second part of its special look at the global financial crisis, Al Jazeera examines the impact on countries including Iceland and the future consequences of the economic downturn in the US, Europe and beyond.

When the World Went Bust - Episode 2 - 12 Jan 08 - Pt 2

Kenya and Tanzania are lending money to America????? Oh. Really. The fucking IMF. Debto countries must hold reserves in US bonds. Because the US economy is too big to fail??????? REALLY??!!!!??

Also: `Race to Bottom' at Moody's, S&P Secured Subprime's Boom, Bust
Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- In August 2004, Moody's Corp. unveiled a new credit-rating model that Wall Street banks used to sow the seeds of their own demise. The formula allowed securities firms to sell more top-rated, subprime mortgage-backed bonds than ever before.
A week later, Standard & Poor's moved to revise its own methods. An S&P executive urged colleagues to adjust rating requirements for securities backed by commercial properties because of the ``threat of losing deals.''
The world's two largest bond-analysis providers repeatedly eased their standards as they pursued profits from structured investment pools sold by their clients, according to company documents, e-mails and interviews with more than 50 Wall Street professionals. It amounted to a ``market-share war where criteria were relaxed,'' says former S&P Managing Director Richard Gugliada.
``I knew it was wrong at the time,'' says Gugliada, 46, who retired from the McGraw-Hill Cos. subsidiary in 2006 and was interviewed in May near his home in Staten Island, New York. ``It was either that or skip the business. That wasn't my mandate. My mandate was to find a way. Find the way.''MORE
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When the World Went Bust - 4 January 09 - Part 1

After years of unprecedented boom a financial firestorm, sparked in the US, is sweeping through much of the world.

In a special programme Al Jazeera's Samah el-Shahat charts the roots of the financial crisis and visits Iceland, one of the high-profile casualties where jobs are being lost and lives destroyed.

When the World Went Bust - 4 January 09 - Part 2

It wasn't as simple as the reporter makes it seem. however... )
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Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 1

On December 27, 2008, Israel's already crippling siege on the neighbouring Gaza Strip escalated into a brutal war. Al Jazeera was the only global news network reporting from both inside Gaza and Israel for the entirity of the conflict. Throughout Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros brought news of the human tragedy unfolding to living rooms throughout the English speaking world. They found themselves as vulnerable as the civilians of Gaza and now they give their full accounts of what it was really like to report that war.

Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 2

Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 3

Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 4


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