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oh holy fuck. there is obama/biden slash. there is obama/biden/emmanuel threesomes. I... can manage the obama/ emmanuel (ah-hem YUM). but biden? no. just...no.  have pics. of emmanuel.

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Oct. 13th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Okay. So when I want to save a picture, I click "save as" and name it and move it to my computer. But when I want to upload said pic to LJ directly from the comp files, the pic comes out looking smaller and awful. What the prob here?
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how does one make an LJ feed again?
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We knew that stupid screen was gonna get in into trouble!
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Legolas and Stunt archery in FOTR Unfortunately most teh pics are gone, but pretty informative article, nonetheless.
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A-ha! The student loan will be much easier to deal with than I thought it would be. Now to regroup and find a school...
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There's nothing that pisses me off more than to painstakingly make a long new post, notice that its really long, lj cut it, only to have the fraking post fuck up so badly that I have to delete it.
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So now I'm wearing my retainers and can't talk for two days, AND they make me look like a boxer about to enter the ring! Next up, cavity filling, then deep cleaing, and THEN, a car.
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So I was rereading "Covenants" and "the King's Own" by Lorna Freeman, and bemaoning teh fact that the series will not be finished, and there seem to be no fanfiction that I can locate, and I stumbled across this art piece of Captain Suiden. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Oh I WISH I was artistic!
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Evgeni Plushenko - Sex Bomb

Oh. My. God...How did I miss this?!!?!!?!

*Cries with laughter*


May. 6th, 2008 10:53 pm
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Balancing act
It may look like the most dangerous motorbike in the world but this new invention is actually the latest form of green transport.

An 18-year-old inventor has come up with the Uno which he says could be the future of green transport /Rex

Read on

Via Shakesville

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The 25 Most disturbing sextoys

There are some WEIRD things and people in this world...

ganked from
[profile] cimmerians  


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When you "Fuck Up" (whether the fuck-up is minor or major) practice the "Four A's".

1. Acknowledgment
2. Apology
3. Amends
4. Action

Go read the whole thing. I wish I'd read this before some of the more egregious fuck ups I've managed to commit in my life so far.
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So I did see all the kvetching about the yaoi writer who abruptly found god and dropped everything like a hot potato. And just now I was told who she is. D:

Thank GOD that I didn't really cotton on to her fics. Because I'd be having a SERIOUS CONVERSATIION with HIM/HER/IT as to their bloody stupid/killjoy rules for living at this moment...
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Obviously, coming back home was a huge mistake.


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