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Via: [livejournal.com profile] racebending

From the Confessions of an Acafan Blog... The Last Straw or How Loraine Became a Fan Activist featuring [livejournal.com profile] glockgal commenting on the Avatar: The Last Airbender mess and her activism, starting with founding [livejournal.com profile] racebending and the website Racebending. Its really really good.
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UPDATE: Changed to "more" link to Master list. Chromatic Disney!!! Chromatic Friends!!!Chromatic DISCWORLD!!! WOOOT!!!!

In the wake of another round of whitewashing POC YA adult book covers...called simply Coverfail Part One. To say nothing of the news that the new Harrison Ford/Brendan Fraser vehicle Extraordinary Measures completely and utterly erased the Taiwanese doctor who found the cure, Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen, and replaced him with a completely new white character played by Harrison Ford. And while we're at it, check out this detailed and beautifully illustrated article Yellowface: A Story in Pictures. I do declare that I will post something that makes me happy. This meme has been floating around my fav haunts for the past couple of weeks.

[livejournal.com profile] heather11483 LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!  SQUEE FOR GANDALF!!!!

More Here
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I NEED these books in my life. FOR THE COVERS ALONE

Full cover of King Maker and summary Honestly? I tend to HATe the varied retellings of Arthuur. This one I would read teh hell out of. I am THAT excited.
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Progressives (and Obama) are Doing Better Than We Think -- and We Won't Know What We've Got 'Til It's Gone

Quick Summary of 2009 Progressive Victories (more explanation below)

  • Three major health bills (SCHIP, tobacco regulation, and stimulus funds for Medicaid, COBRA subsidies, health information technology and the National Institutes of Health) enacted even before comprehensive reform
  • Stimulus contained myriad other individual policy victories, not only preventing a far worse depression but also:
    • Delivered key new funds for education
    • Expanded state energy conservation programs and new transit programs
    • Added new smart grid investments
    • Funded high-speed Internet broadband programs
    • Extended unemployment insurance for up to 99 weeks for the unemployed and  modernizing state UI programs to cover more of the unemployed
    • Made large new investments in the safety net, from food stamps (SNAP) to affordable housing to child care
  • Clean cars victory to take gas mileage requirements to 35mpg
  • Protection of 2 million acres of land against oil and gas drilling and other development 
  • Executive orders protecting labor rights, from project labor agreements to protecting rights of contractor employees on federal jobs
  • Stopping pay discrimination through Lilly Ledbetter and Equal Pay laws
  • Making it easier for airline and railway workers to unionize, while appointing NLRB and other labor officials who will strengthen freedom to form unions
  • Reversing Bush ban on funding overseas family planning clinics
  • Passing hate crimes protections for gays and lesbians
  • Protecting stem cell research research
  • Strengthening state authority and restricting federal preemption to protect state consumer, environmental and labor laws
  • Financial reforms to protect homeowners and credit card holders
  • Bailing out the auto industry and protecting unionized retirees and workers

This actually makes me feel tins better. The thing is that the stuff that are my priorities are teh very things he's fucking up on, healthcare, torture and other war crimes, internet regulation, climate fucking change OMG GRRRRRRRRRRR. Its good to know that he is getting some shit right.
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Shakesville explains:

In a new Iranian resistance movement, men are posting pictures of themselves wearing women's head scarves as a political statement in support of Majid Tavakoli, who, days after his arrest for anti-government protesting, was pictured in published news photos wearing a chador, the "black head-to-toe garment worn by Iranian women." The photo was also juxtaposed with a decades-old image of the first president of Iran in its post-revolutionary iteration, Abolhassan Banisadr, who was accused of wearing a women's head scarf to try to evade arrest. Tavakoli has no links to Banisadr, with the exception of their both having been accused of dressing as women to escape authorities (and both of the images being generally regarded as faked propaganda).

The story from CNN:
(CNN) -- A new anti-government movement has sprung up among protesters in Iran -- and now among their supporters in other countries -- with men posting pictures of themselves on the Internet wearing women's head scarves as a political statement.

The movement began in recent days as an online backlash after the arrest of one anti-government protester, Majid Tavakoli. The day after his arrest, an Iranian news agency published a picture of Tavakoli dressed in a chador, a black head-to-toe garment worn by Iranian women.

The government claimed the man had been caught wearing the garment in an attempt to hide himself and avoid arrest, but opposition bloggers insisted that the photo published by the semi-official Fars news agency had been manipulated.


A blog that focuses on religion and politics in the Muslim world -- Spittoon.org -- interpreted the juxtaposition as being an attempt by the authorities "to humiliate [Tavakoli, using] an old practice by the government to prove to the public that the opposition leaders are 'less than men,' lacking courage and bravery."

One commentator on that site wrote, "It is ironic how [the] head scarf, which was traditionally seen as a symbol of women's oppression ... is now being used by men to show membership in a liberation movement."

A Facebook page created Friday night for Tavakoli exhorts supporters to "condemn the state media's behavior towards Majid Tavakoli," and "act in solidarity ... to affirm his status as a known symbol of integrity."

The page adds that the invitation to wear a head covering is "without connotations to hijab as a religious practice," and that the group's leaders are "against any kind of forced or imposed hijab."

Hijab refers to religiously sanctioned dress for men and women in Islam.

Thus the new protest also speaks to the societal aspect of Iranian women being forced to accept a dress code, according to Dabashi.


"We Iranian men are late doing this," Dabashi said. "If we did this when rusari was forced on those among our sisters who did not wish to wear it 30 years ago, we would have perhaps not been here today."MORE


Dec. 3rd, 2009 12:00 pm
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Cease and Desist Notice to Mr. George Lucas.

Dear Mr. Lucas:

It has come to our attention that your actions over the past decade in the production of the films Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode 3: Return of the Sith (hereafter referred to as "Star Bores") as well as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (hereafter referred to as "Grandpa Jones") infringes upon the rights of millions of moviegoers to preserve their childhood memories unscathed. This is a clear violation of your contract with the public to create films worthy of the legacy that you, yourself, began in 1977. Your recent actions have been grossly negligent, displaying a complete lack of regard for taste and artistic merit. Star Bores and Grandpa Jones represent a failure to satisfy the duty of care mandated for a filmmaker of your status.

A partial list of the infringing acts are enumerated herein:MORE
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And her third book is actually coming out in February!!!!!



Her books are your typical European fantasy, up to and including the occasional mention of the ominous Arabian-based empire that is among one of the threats to your standard Middle Ages kingdom. I should note however, that a running theme of the story is that said Middle Ages kingdom is a product of colonization and war. And the effects are still being felt. But the writing style!!! HILARIOUS. And characters! Deliciously wry and sarcastic! People, I have reread the damn books at least 7 times each. You do NOT get me to reread most book until a couple of years have passed. Much more that many times at all. And did I mention that sh now has a blog? Marvelous! We can now communicate with her and not wonder whether she'll ever publish again!!!

(Now please god, please make her a nice woman who will refrain from being a protagonist of anything even remotely resembling racefail. my heartbreak will be truly and absolutely EPIC if that happens. I will CRY, you all!!! I will bawl, scream and wear sackcloth and ashes. I am serious.)

In other news, I got a swine flu shot today. It amuses me that I psyched myself up for it and it was over before I even registered the needle prick. Twas free. Which was a very good thing for my wallet.

Also? Someone recced me a few books by Elizabeth Moon. Her name sounds familiar. Do you all have any info on her?
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Black Rocker Woman

I wanna be just like her when I grow up!!!
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marcellinafuriosa wrote this gem

TO: Our Valued Colleagues East of the Sun and West of the Moon

The financial setbacks of recent years (devaluation of the fairy gold market, fluctuating trade relationships with the dwarves, and the instability of investments in magic beans, among other things) have caused a drastic shortfall in our budget for this year and years to come. We cannot continue operations at their present scale. Gone, gone are the golden days when all men were good and happy, the strong lived in harmony with the weak, Winter never darkened our fields, nor did Old Age, nor Death, and the rivers ran with milk and honey. Unprecedented reductions in our budget have forced us to radically overhaul our operations. After extensive consulations with magic mirrors, scrying pools, the Three Sisters, the Ash-Staff of All That Was, Is and Ever Will Be, and a specially-appointed task force of the finest outside consultants, we have devised the following solutions to stretch our resources over the uncertain years that lie ahead. We thank you all for bearing with us during this challenging time and know that we shall emerge the stronger from this great struggle.

1. Effective Midsummer Day, the Dark Rider will henceforth be known as the Dark Walker, up-shifting to the Dark Hitchhiker over long distances.MORE
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Star Wars "despots" vs Star Trek "populists"

And a great deal of the fanfic I am reading takes the whole Kirk is genius!!!1 level to pretty absurd heights now. Occasionally the Doc will be mentioned as brilliant. Sometimes the entire crew is billed as the best and brightest of them all. But Kirk is definitely and most times demi-god now. Oh dear, indeed.

Though, tell me something. Story telling tradition in Africa and other places. Was it really the elite subsidizing them as he suggests? Or was that a function of European civilization, as I suspect?
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Grayson v. Broun on the Constitution

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) humbles Hudson Institute dilettante over health care bankruptcies

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) humbles Hudson Institute dilettante over health care bankruptcies
This during a senate Judiciary sub-committee hearing on bankruptcies driven by catastrophic medical expenses
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VENEZUELA: Women Recycle for Income and Environment

TACARIGUA DE LA LAGUNA, Venezuela, Sep 12 (Tierramérica) - The women of this town in northern Venezuela no longer say "garbage" but rather "secondary raw material," and instead of referring to recycling, they talk about "separation at point of origin."

Tacarigua is a long coastal lagoon covering 9,200 hectares along Venezuela's Caribbean coast, a three-hour drive east of Caracas.

The lagoon has areas where freshwater meets saltwater, but most of it is separated from the sea by a sandy strip 28 kilometres long and about 300 metres wide.

"Here, we women organised ourselves in a small company to collect what we used to see as garbage," María Auxiliadora Uriepero, who has six children and 11 grandchildren, told Tierramérica. She stood in the doorway of her half-built house of cinder-block walls and zinc roof, which currently serves as a warehouse for her sacks of discarded bottles. MORE

Read more... )


Sep. 1st, 2009 11:31 pm
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Crooks and liars late night music feature linked Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's (with backing Maori choir) interpretation of an old Maori haka Tarakihi, in English "The Locust Song"

Biography for the curious.

Crook and Liars continues on:
The song itself, according to Mahinarangi Tocker, who sang with Dame Kiri, is more than three hundred years old, composed by a Ngati Maniapoto Maori poet who wrote about the sound of cicadas, hiding by night and singing by day.

I like the song and was looking around and came across this performance by the Maori mezzo-soprano
April Marie Neho Heaney Tarakihi

The video quality isn't as good, unfortunately. I do LOVE the violinist's style.
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Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

I love this cartoon!
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Subtext Feminist Magazine from Britain links to 100 years of Girl Guides

I liked this article's take on the history of Girl Guiding best...
The Girl Guides at 100
IN THE summer of 1909 the ­editor of the Scout Gazette announced: “A girl is not allowed to run, hurry, swim, ride a bike or even raise her arms above her head…” Yet within weeks of this information the notion that young ladies should not – or perhaps would not – participate in the sort of activities the boys were up to had been turned on its head.

On hearing about a Boy Scout rally at Crystal Palace, 40 self-styled Girl Scouts aged from 11 to 13 arrived dressed in makeshift uniforms after raiding their brothers’ wardrobes. Having read Scouting For Boys (the handbook written by the Scouts’ founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell) the girls – shockingly for the times – wanted to get in on the act.

They attracted the attention of Baden-Powell, who had organised the rally and whose book would become the fourth-bestselling tome of the 20th century, but at the time even he felt compelled to ask: “What the Dickens do you think you are doing here?”

When questioned on whether there was “something for girls too” he replied that the rally was “only for the boys” but added that the gatecrashers could take part in the march-past at the end. In fact, the girls were not interested in joining the Boy Scouts. What they wanted was to enjoy some adventure without their brothers.

This month as the Girl Guides celebrate their 100th anniversary it’s clear that the same sense of adventure and determination which they displayed back in 1909 is still in evidence today. But a century ago no one could have imagined that this bunch of feisty young girls would be responsible for the birth of an organisation which would span a membership of more than half a million in the UK and 10 million worldwide.

No doubt inspired by Baden- Powell’s stirring prose about women explorers, missionaries and nurses, the girls quickly organised themselves into groups with a view to copying the activities about which they had so avidly read. When once asked who founded the Guides, Baden-Powell replied: “They founded themselves.”MORE

Go here for more links

Holy Shit! JK Rowling was a girl guide! yeah!

The USA version seems to be Girl Scouts? Anyone know of them? Been a member?
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Hathor's Legacy links to

Filament Magazine

A Quarterly Mag for women who like nekkid men and intelligent articles. Come on down!!!! Its British so they get the best price 7 pounds and 99 um pence?, for postage. Go buy! The rest of the world gets 7 pounds and 2 pounds 99 pence for airmail, which works out so far to about $16.20 US. If you can afford it, get it!
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Jamaicans dominate women's 100m final
(L-R) Kerron Stewart and Shelly-Ann Fraser of Jamaica celebrate silver and gold respectively after the women's 100 metres final.

If you've got a spare dollar and are given to a flutter you might want to get on board the Jamaican women's 4X100m team; you may not get very generous odds.

In the individual women's 100m sprint last night the Jamaicans were simply sensational. Olympic champion Shelly Ann Fraser grabbed the gold with a time of 10.73. It made her the equal third fastest female sprinter in history as she held off fast-finishing compatriot Kerron Stewart. in a thrilling finish.

Only Marion Jones and Florence Griffith-Joyner -- two athletes long tainted by suspicions of drug cheating and in Jones' case suspicions later confirmed -- now stand ahead of her on the all-time list.MORE

article of interest: Unattainable records leave female athletes struggling for acclaim

But perhaps unattainable records are not the only problem. Even in the days when women were breaking sprint records they still didn't get the headlines of their male counterparts. Some may argue that personality is as much a part of the equation – and Bolt's celebration dances certainly add weight to that theory – but Flo Jo ran in one-legged fuchsia tracksuits with six-inch nails, so why were her achievements so often overshadowed by the rivalry between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis?

The media have a major part to play. Britain's 17-year-old Shaunna Thompson, who won double gold in the sprints at the Commonwealth Youth Games last year, says she sometimes struggles to recall who won the women's 100m at major championships.

"That's one of my events and even I'm forgetting sometimes! People know all the men, but sometimes the women get forgotten about. If Usain Bolt is all you hear about on TV then that sticks in peoples' heads. No one's saying Shelly-Ann Fraser, so everyone's like who's Shelly-Ann Fraser?" But with promoters consistently billing the men's sprints as the blue riband event, the idea that women's events don't deserve prime-time exposure is simply reinforced.MORE

track and field is the only sport that I care enough to follow. Its nice to see the Jamaicans blowup. they have been threatening to for a while.


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