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People & Power - White Power USA - 6 Jan 10

Almost a year ago the inauguration of President Barack Obama was hailed as a turning point in US race relations. The country was said to be entering a new era of post-racial politics, on the path to a future of greater diversity and tolerance. But while crowds flocked to Washington to witness the swearing in, others were refusing to join the party. Racially motivated threats against Obama rose to new heights in the first months of his presidency, with the US seeing nine high-profile race killings in 2009. Meanwhile white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups claim their membership is growing and that visits to their websites are increasing. Filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen went inside the white nationalist movement to investigate.

White Nationalism in the Age of Obama

While progressives argue over who’s failing to organize whom, other organizations have no trouble rounding up recruits from the many in the U.S. who are angry over bailouts, economic failures, and a governing class they feel is out of touch. Independent journalist Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films co-produced a film, White Power U.S.A., for Al Jazeera English on the rise of white nationalist groups since the inauguration of Barack Obama. He found that many of the new recruits to these groups don’t consider themselves white nationalists, but are finding few other places to turn.
Rowley and Chip Berlet, senior analyst at Political Research Associates and author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort join us to talk about the rise of the extreme right, racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and the proper progressive response. We also talk to Jonathan “J.D.” Meadows, who is featured in Rowley’s film, about his involvement with the Council of Conservative Citizens and his fears for the economy.

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Infuriating, depressing, and scary. Thanks for sharing.


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