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This article at Muslimah Media links up some hijab fashion blogs. Hijab's High
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Its to look interesting so that people will watch it and hopefully like the song.

Bad Romance Lady Gaga

The ending is hilarious. I honestly think that if there is an heiress to Madonna, she is it. I am not bored with her music videos. I am not bored with her! I LOVE her persona, her method of dressing and her videos! And funnily enough, I can actually identify the designer for some of her clothing?!?!?! Its Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Why do I know this? Cause I saw a link earlier tonight Those SHOES!!!!
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Hijab Style

Post that is making me drool? Islamic Fashion Festival at Malyasian International Fashion Week

The latest edition of IFF took place on Saturday 7th November as part of Malaysia International Fashion Week. As always, the show was a riot of colour as several designers showcased their beautiful and modest designs:

Tengku Marina

Khadani; Atim Agoy

Oh GOD the colours!!!!!!!!!!

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le coil

Rakia, publicist & fashion editor, at IFB’s Dress Up Soiree in Chinatown. To witness more of this hair magic, check out her recent Philly 360 feature on the best of the city’s fashion scene.
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  1. Sky “D”, musician, at BETA BANGER in Soho

    Do you have an afro?

    Do you have an afro ? #9 K Tibaijuka by errolphotography.

    I am officially in heaven!
Click the links for more!
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Ralph Lauren Fires Photoshopped Model For Being "Too Fat"

Filippa Hamilton
, the 23-year-old model who was Photoshopped into a stick insect by Ralph Lauren, has revealed that the brand — which later apologised for the imagequietly fired her for being overweight.
Hamilton had counted Ralph Lauren among her clients since she started modeling at the age of 15 and she says that she considered the people who worked there her second family — at least until April of this year, when Ralph Lauren summarily fired her. The stated reason was that the label dumped Hamilton "as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us." What Ralph Lauren allegedly told Hamilton's agency, Next, is that the 5'10" 5'8", 120 lb model had become too fat to fit into its clothing.

Ralph Lauren's behavior since these images came to light, on the blog Photoshop Disasters, has single-handedly turned a small PR crisis into a full-fledged disaster. First, the company had its lawyers try to sue Photoshop Disasters and BoingBoing, the second blog to pick up the story, for copyright infringement for reporting on the ad. The threats — and the fact that Ralph Lauren managed to get Photoshop Disasters' ISP, Google-owned Blogspot, to remove the image — not only came across as ridiculous and bullying, but only served to draw hundreds of thousands of eyes to the story. (The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Current TV, and Mother Jones, among other outlets, jumped on the story with more or less alacrity.)MORE
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Arise Magazine Sells in Barnes and Noble. Newest Issue has some badass pictures of remote African tribal people that marks them as humans not as an oddity to be curiously looked at ala National Geographic. Very great articles as well. As a matter of fact, the magazine before this had some really great African fashions...

Issue One

Issue Two

Issue Three

Issue Five<

Issue Six

Arise: African Fashion Week Guinea

Arise Africa Fashion Week Tanzania

Grace Jones @ African Fashion Collective Fall 2009

This Day Arise Magazine Fall 2009 runway show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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MIchelle's DRESS!!! OMG!!!

My mother is in the other room having an orgasm as they start dancing...

New Blogs

Jul. 19th, 2008 10:10 pm
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Fashion Incubator: Lessons from the sustainable factory floor

History of Women's sizing Part One

History of women's sizing Part Two

History of women's sizing Part Three

Fit and sizing entrophy

When I said I could write an entire book about why vanity sizing was a myth, I was exaggerating only slightly. What I should have said was I could write an entire book about why clothing fits so poorly and what we can do about it. I reiterate that a comprehensive discussion is controversial; the ideas of which are going to make me very unpopular with everyone from consumers to manufacturers. The fact remains, the issues of poorly fitted apparel are so pervasive and complex that they cannot but include everyone in the user-producer stream.

Push manufacturing:Subverting the fit feedback loop

"Push" manufacturing can be described as producing an entire line of products without pre-selling and taking orders for it. This means making up a bunch of stuff without knowing if anybody wants it beforehand. In my opinion, push manufacturing is very irresponsible. It's irresponsible in terms of wasted resources if the items don't sell. Similarly, it's costly when you calculate the ROI after the season's close. Push manufacturing is also responsible for a host of social sins beyond exporting jobs abroad (these tend to be large concerns with overseas production facilities). Push manufacturers are brand companies pushing an image; their operating budgets prioritize marketing rather than product quality as the selling point. Lastly, as push manufacturers are product pushers rather than product producers there is minimal investment in customer centered product development and most of their patterns are basic CAD templates. And herein lies the rub, push manufacturing has subverted the customer fit feedback loop. Push manufacturing contributes to the entropy of fitting and growing consumer dissatisfaction.

For example, consider the opposite -pull manufacturers of apparel. Pull is order driven; the order from the customer pulls the item into the production stream. Pull manufacturers produce prototypes, clean those up, some are made into samples which are shown to retail store buyers at market. Once all of the markets close, one tallies up all of their purchase orders for given styles and goes about acquiring the fabrics and organizing the sewing production schedule in order to fill all of the orders by the specified dates. If a style doesn't sell enough to justify buying the fabrics and sewing it, the style is dropped. Perhaps 10% of prototype styles end up being dropped. Drops may be disappointing but it's best to know in advance if nobody likes that style. That way you don't waste your time or money on it. Similarly, buyers will measure or test fit apparel samples before they buy and if an item appears to be poorly fitting at market -according to what buyers know about their customers- the fit is corrected by the manufacturer before those items are cut. A manufacturer develops relationships with buyers and consumer level feedback is a big part of that. It is very common, anticipated and accepted for buyers to tell a manufacturer what consumers do or don't like about their purchases. If it seems that consumers think the sleeves are a little too short or the waists a little too big, manufacturers change their sizing and fit in time for the next production cycle. That's the fit feedback loop for pull manufacturers. It's not ideal, it's not rapid response but the environment sustains the continual cycle of improvement and the evolution of fit.


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