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Chris Matthews is on my tv carefully saying how much Haiti's problems are due to its politics. He is also congratulating the US on how much its image will be burnished because of how quickly it is responding to the crisis. In fact,most of the reporters that are on my tv are emphasizing how poor and desperate Haiti's people were before the quake. And how sad isn't it, that this country has never been able to get its act together oh my! And not ONE of the assholes has mentioned that the United States and the French were and are a main cause of the poverty, and dictatorship and blood shed. Let me just add to the education going on all over lj and dreamwidth What the US owes Haiti

In 1801, Thomas Jefferson – an owner of 180 slaves himself – became the third President of the United States. Jefferson, who was deeply troubled by the slaughter of plantation owners in St. Domingue, feared that the example of African slaves fighting for their liberties might spread northward.

“If something is not done, and soon done,” Jefferson wrote about the violence in St. Domingue in 1797, “we shall be the murderers of our own children.”

So, in 1801, the interests of Napoleon and Jefferson temporarily intersected. Napoleon was determined to restore French control of St. Domingue and Jefferson was eager to see the slave rebellion crushed.

Through secret diplomatic channels, Napoleon asked Jefferson if the United States would help a French army traveling by sea to St. Domingue. Jefferson replied that “nothing will be easier than to furnish your army and fleet with everything and reduce Toussaint [L’Ouverture] to starvation.”MORE

Catastrophe in Haiti

During the Cold War, the U.S. supported the dictatorships of Papa Doc Duvalier and then Baby Doc Duvalier--which ruled the country from 1957 to 1986--as an anti-communist counterweight to Castro's Cuba nearby.

Under guidance from Washington, Baby Doc Duvalier opened the Haitian economy up to U.S. capital in the 1970s and 1980s. Floods of U.S. agricultural imports destroyed peasant agriculture. As a result, hundred of thousands of people flocked to the teeming slums of Port-au-Prince to labor for pitifully low wages in sweatshops located in U.S. export processing zones.MORE

Why is Haiti so poor and Democracy Now:US Policy in Haiti Over Decades “Lays the Foundation for Why Impact of Natural Disaster Is So Severe” and Haiti and the global food crisis

And the second thing that is pissing me off? US Aid, the broadcasts that I have seen, is listed in detail, over and over again. 2000 marines, several ships, piles and piles of stuff, 100 million dollars. But aid from other countries is slipped over, Barely mentioned. Brians Williams for instance this evening, came out with Andrea Mitchell and they promised tell us about all teh global aid that that was pouring into Haiti. Only to spend the majority of the segment talking about US aid, and them mentioning 6 or 7 countries in which aid was coming from. Nothing about the specifics. But isn't the US the greatest country in the world? In fact at one point, Mr. Williams went on to comments that aid was coming in from the "free world". I presume that China and Cuba and Venezula don't count? Let me tell you what the rest of the world has been doing:

Brazil offers to build cemetery in Haiti and promises it will respect the Voodoo beliefs of part of the Caribbean country's population, officials say. They are also "setting up of field hospitals, debris clearing, security, and the distribution of food and water."

The Sun Online gives us the following info

The United Nations has released $10 million from its emergency funds


Meanwhile, China dispatched a chartered plane loaded up with 10 tons of tents, food, medical equipment and sniffer dogs that arrived in Haiti on Thursday. Accompanying the emergency materials were a 60-member earthquake relief team that had firsthand experience in the country's own quake disaster two years ago.


Australia pledged an initial $9.3 million for emergency humanitarian relief and reconstruction assistance, with about half going for emergency water, food and shelter, while the remainder will be for rehabilitation efforts.


Japan will provide up to $5 million in aid, along with $330,000 worth of tents and blankets, a Foreign Ministry official said. A four-member fact-finding mission will also be sent to determine what Japan can do to help.


South Korea will give emergency humanitarian aid worth $1 million, its Foreign Ministry spokesman Kim Young-sun said, and is considering sending rescue teams.


The European Commission has approved $4.37 million while member states Spain, the Netherlands and Germany promised millions more.

Rescue teams from France and Switzerland were on their way, while Spain dispatched three planeloads of rescuers and 100 tons of tents, blankets and cooking kits.

The Israeli army sent in two planeloads of rescue staff and equipment to set up a field hospital in Haiti that can serve up to 500 people a day. The crew will include 220 rescue workers, including 40 military doctors and 24 nurses.

Israel was sending in an elite Army rescue unit of engineers and doctors.


Canada sent a military reconnaissance team to assess and planned an initial donation of $4.8 million, with more aid to flow after reports to Ottawa by military reconnaissance team.
I am not counting the international orgs that are giving money and aid as well.

In Haiti seeks aid after powerful quake we find that:

... search and rescue teams were said to be arriving from nearby Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic with other rescue teams on their way from many other countries...

Russia was ready to dispatch an Il-76 plane with a mobile hospital, food and medicines to help the victims, said a spokeswoman for the Emergency Situations Ministry on Wednesday.

She said 45 people, including 20 doctors, would leave for Haiti on Thursday.

Germany would donate 1 million euros (about 1.45 million dollars) in immediate aid for the victims, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Germany had called together a rescue team that would help in rescue work and provide relief to victims.

Italy was ready to do its part in the relief operations, ANSA news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying on Wednesday.

An emergency cargo flight was to be sent to Haiti with food, medicines, tents and other supplies. On board the flight would also be a team from Italy's civil protection department tasked to make a first-hand evaluation of the immediate needs of the Haitian population.

France had also decided to dispatch civil security service and gendarmes to participate in rescue operations in Haiti, said its Foreign Ministry.

The Brazilian government announced on Wednesday that it would send two planes with 28 tons of food and water to Haiti.

Earlier in the day, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva announced a 10-million-dollar aid to the country.

Venezuela sent the first airplane with humanitarian aid to Haiti on Wednesday. The help consists on doctors, medicines, water, search and rescue experts and damage assessment specialists.

Inside the previous Democracy Now Link you can find that Cuba already had 400 people there

Nicaragua on Thursday sent 31 military doctors of the Humanitarian Rescue Unit (URH) and humanitarian aid for the victims of a magnitude-7 earthquake that shocked Haiti on Tuesday...The 31 officers of the URH travel in one of the planes, while the other plane was loaded with portable beds and medicines to aid the victims in Haiti. The cost of this aid is of 100,000 U.S. dollars. Among the 31 URH officers there are experts to reestablish the electricity system and to provide the first aids.

In this article we find

Mexico will send doctors, search-and-rescue dogs and infrastructure damage experts.


Sweden has offered 6 million kronor (US$850,000), along with tents, water purification equipment and medical aid.


Denmark has donated 10 million kroner (US$1.9 million).


The Netherlands has donated euro2 million (US$2.91 million) and will send a 60-person search-and-rescue team.


The Irish telecommunications company Digicel said it would donate $5 million to aid agencies and help repair the damaged phone network.


Germany gave euro1.5 million (US$2.17 million) and sent an immediate response team. Another team with 20 rescue dogs is on standby.


Taiwan is flying in 23 rescue personnel and two tonnes of aid and equipment.

Jamaica sends 150 JDF soldiers, and supplies including generators, collapsable water containers, mattresses, water purification tablets and general purpose tents.

triniday is sending US 1 million dollars

Qatar sent 44 tons of supplies

and this what i found in 45 minutes of googling you

Date: 2010-01-15 05:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] virginia-fell.livejournal.com
Thank you for all this extra information. My partner and I were ranting over the news coverage yesterday. It was all about figuring out how many Americans had been affected by the tragedy.

Never mind the thousands of Haitians, clearly. They're all poor and brown and do weird religious stuff. Let's hear more about this one banker and that other dude who was there on vacation or whatever the hell.

Date: 2010-01-15 05:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_yggdrasil/
Glad to hear about all the doctors going over. I was watching the news tonight as one doctor was trying to care for a ward of 300 patients. The news reporter asked how he was doing. The doctor was very professional in his response but you could tell he was trying not to laugh in the other guy's face.

Date: 2010-01-15 06:16 am (UTC)
ext_6366: Red haired, dark skinned, lollipop girl (Woman Of Mystery)
From: [identity profile] the-willow.insanejournal.com (from livejournal.com)
This is why I just plain stopped watching or reading American news. The only country in the world is America to the American news Media. Everyone else is a tourist park with no real government and no real people. And Brown places are tourist rest stops not even parks themselves. A lookout, a toliet, a water fountain and a store selling knicknacks.

It's the reverse of what happened with Katrina, wherein since the US is the only country that's real, it couldn't accept AID from the rest of the world - it couldn't accept the positive consequences of why there needs to be diplomacy and compassion - because that would be imaginary money coming from countries that are against US imperialism and war.

The possibility that the Caribbean would help one of their own? Preposterous.

The possibility that other countries who have felt the shock of such devastating natural disasters like China and Japan and Taiwan would immediately send what aid they could, even if it was just search crews and doctors? OMG no. That would imply a universe in which the countries of the world look out for one another, instead of just the rest of the world being a place the US plunders for resources.

The US Media stopped being informative and educational AGES ago. It stopped presenting facts AGES ago. It's all edutainment and USA Fuck Yeah Edutainment Mastabatory Filled Time Slots.

I am not at -all- surprised it's a bunch of white talking heads patting themselves on the back for being so charitable - telling the same old SINGLE STORY.

one of the things that got me

Date: 2010-01-15 08:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] stoneself.livejournal.com
i had to turn off the tv when they started going on about "possible violence in the streets", "i am amazed there isn't violence", "i haven't seen any violence, but i was warned it might be dangerous to go out", etc.

because you know, haiti is full of uncivilized savages. /sarcasm

edit: i can't spell
Edited Date: 2010-01-15 08:08 am (UTC)

Date: 2010-01-15 12:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] doktor-x.livejournal.com
The coverage of aid has been annoying me too, you’d think that only the US is doing anything! Just every once in a while you catch some clue, like mention of a Venezuelan search & rescue team pulling someone out, etc..

Date: 2010-01-15 03:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mamomo.livejournal.com
Man, the last time I watched TV news coverage (excluding the Daily Show, if that counts) was on election night - I get all my news online, including from your blog. I'm glad I have resources like this to educate myself on Haiti's history.

I think it's very moving that so many countries from around the globe are pitching it, and it makes me sad that they aren't being acknowledged.

Date: 2010-01-16 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vegablack62.livejournal.com
I totally agree with this wonderful post. I did hear mention of the large number of Cuban doctors who were already in the country at the time of the quake and the medical aid and doctors Cuba was sending. Of course these were just words. We saw no interview with a Cuban Doctor. I saw a mention of the agreement by Cuba to allow the US to use Cuban airspace for the movement of medical aid.
This is a good thing I think, but really not enough.


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