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they are being regulated out of existence (joel salatin is one of the loudest voices about this, but not the only one) much more so than anything else.

the regulations are designed by and for consolidated, mega-operations, and small-scale processors invariably find themselves harrassed out of existence.

this is even true with stuff like locally produced baked goods or local sales of products made from fresh ingredients.
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I think it really hit for me in terms of understanding what they were doing, during the cottage industry scare last year or maybe it was year before - wherein people making bath soaps and children's toys etc were going to be under the same onerous burden of regulation as if they were big employee factories.

All sorts of tests and fees and inspections. It was so blatantly the cosmetic industry pulling Regulatory strings.

The more there's a push to take what's been learned from industrialization but use it to go back to pre-industrialized enterprises in a sort of alternative industry branch - the more big business pushes back.

"You want to go back to local farmers and women's industry? Well it's gonna cost ya"


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